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Teen Slut Stories was created because I love teen erotic stories.  Specifically, I love erotic stories that feature a teen's first time adventures.  That doesn't mean losing their virginity, but often it means the first time with a girl, or first time at a party, or maybe innocently teasing some older guy, a relative, whatever... until the inevitable happens and a great teen sex story comes into being!

I think the hottest stories involve teen girls getting their first gangbang, or realizing that sex and love aren't always the same.  These girls go from sweet and innocent to totally hardcore teen sluts in minutes... it's great fun and totally enjoyable!

Remember... all of our stories feature teens over the age of 18.   Enjoy our stories safely!  

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I have set up two sections of stories.  Not all of the stories are specifically focused on just teens, but there are teens or college coeds in every one of them and I am sure you will enjoy them very much!

Our collection of stories here isn't the biggest though.  If you are looking for more wild sex stories, then check out Taboo Stories.  They don't leave anything out (nudge nudge) and the stories are outrageously hot!  Plus they have chat rooms and all other sorts of good stuff.  I have been a member over there for a long, long time, and I enjoy it every day (sometimes twice a day... heh-heh)



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